Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One day when the roads will lie empty in the darkness of a familiar night,
you will feel that it might have been another day, another time,
a time that has already gone by,
as if eternity deceived you with a second chance...
one day when you will see the streets washed by rain-
or the silence around a streetlight's sepia halo
fuzzy like the ghost of a warm-blanket memory,
something will flicker in the shadows of your being:
maybe a footfall in the hallways of a secret inner chamber
maybe you will remember how you were as a child
and feel the same joys and the excitement of a new adventure.
maybe in the rut of adulthood and the life for wages
you will remember a moment of spontaneity.
and maybe the things that brought you to the place
you are now will reveal themselves and maybe you will find
that you have not traveled as far as you would have hoped
or maybe what you left behind- you did not leave behind at all.
And maybe when you think about a day, a moment, a wish
and who you used to be, maybe you will see that
the little space between who you were and who you are
was me.

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