Thursday, April 12, 2012

Qui scribit bis legit - He who writes reads twice

A few interesting Latin phrases:

Scribere est agere - To write is to act
Sine qua non - Something/someone indispensable
Sub dio - Under the open sky
Ad astra per aspera - To the stars through difficulty
Ad augusta per angusta - To high places by narrow roads
Aude sapere - Dare to know
Cacoethes scribendi - An insatiable urge to write. (Juvenal)
Confiteor - I confess
Fide, non armis - By faith, not arms
Genus irritabile vatum - The irritable race of poets. (Horace)
Hic et nunc - Here and now
In nubibus - In the clouds
Lapsus calami - A slip of the pen
Memorabilia - Memorable things
Meum pactum dictum - My word is my bond
Mvlti svnt vocati, pavci vero electi - Many are called [but] few are chosen
Nisi credideritis, non intelligetis - Unless you will have believed, you will not understand. (St. Augustine)
Verba volant, (littera) scripta manet - Words fly away, the written (letter) remains

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