Sunday, May 29, 2011

So this is how it is

The summer haze diffuses through the window,
The lonely cock crows noon again,
I grope for my glasses, put them on and find
Another photochromatic day-
So this is how it is.
You're sitting on a cloud, you say you're unmoored,
I am on the ground while you evaporate.
From where I stand, if you were rock
And I was paper, you'd cut through me for air.
You scuttled my paperboat with your philosophy,
It floated for a while and sank,
But these still waters run rather deep
And the journey to the bottom was real.
So this is how it is.
The last thing I remember-
I had a map and no destination,
The colourful houses, trees and the tar
Looked like the ones I had left behind
Each street corner, face and bougainvillea
Whizzed by stroboscopically
That's when I realised- the new was more of old
And the old was, well, just older.
So this is how it is.

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